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The fiery workout Warriors

Anne-Sophie Tillier & Dannalize Clarke

Co-Founders of We are W


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Allow us to introduce the latest boutique online fitness studio in town. Dannalize & Anneso will keep you fit through the holidays and take you on retreats to the beautiful Swiss mountain village Zermatt. Enjoy reading this interview and make sure to get on board to make 2022 your fittest year yet.

For our readers who don’t know you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself, in let’s say, 7 sentences.

We are W is a 360 online platform and offer daily live stream practices: CORE, CARDIO, STRETCH, COOKING, MEDITATION.

Music is at the heart of every practice we do at W, every workout is performed to the beat! 

There are 15 weekly LIVE practices named after song titles: 

GET IT RIGHT (by diplo) pilates with a focus on the core, TAKI TAKI (by J- balvin) 100% afro latino ride, EASY ON ME (by Adele) a stretch and meditation practice

YUMMY (by J.bieber) cooking practice AND MANY MORE!

The goal is to make you forget how hard you’re working, we want people to think “ I like taking care of myself from home because it’s fun”. 

80% of our community are busy women! This is why WE ARE W! It stands for “Warriors”! 

By offering online workouts we give them a possibility to take care of themselves no matter the weather!

You’re true entrepreneurs, you run your own business. How did you get started?

We created our signature low impact and sweaty practice called the RAVE during the first lockdown in 2020. 

We were offering  x1 IG LIVE RAVE per week and in summer of 2021 we blossomed into a platform with of course the RAVE but also CYCLING, STRETCHING, MEDITATION and also COOKING practices!

What is something about your work that people don’t know or that surprises them?


We produce everything ourselves. Filming, editing, performing live, social media, accounting…you name it.

What has been your greatest challenge and how have you overcome it?


To recreate an experience and not just deliver a workout. This has been our main focus at We are W.

Now, more than ever people want to become strong and healthy. But people are also extremely busy. What is a good workout-life balance in your opinion?


People work from home now more than ever. It’s crucial to get our people off their desk and get them moving. We offer 30 to 40 min workouts, which is a “little” shot of energy you can technically take every day if you want to. It’s a crucial time for people to understand they don’t have to spend 1 hour training. Better do less and show up for yourself more often!

What’s a mistake you see get made all the time, even by very smart people? What have you learned from that to handle it the right way?


People stick to a job / company that is not good for them. The more they stay the less worthy it makes them feel. Gut feel is how they should know what is good for them or not. A solution to get in touch with your gut feel you may ask? Take a sound bath!

Let’s talk nutrition. What are your tips & secrets to maintaining a strong and healthy physique? & What does a typical day in your life look like?

Home made food is the recipe! 40% Preparing playlists and performing live / 40% scheduling meetings & attending meetings / the 20% left are for cooking and eating!

Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Anneso: Sagittarius // Dannalize: Capricorn 

Favorite Quote: Dannalize: You get what you work for.

Anneso: Impossible is just an opinion.

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go?: 

Dannalize: HOME > Cape Town!!!I haven’t been back since the pandemic.

Anneso: Anywhere by the sea. 

Most beloved piece / item you own:

Dannalize: My citrine ring

Anneso: My little crystals. I collect them since I’m a child

Mornings or evenings?

Dannalize: Definitely mornings

Anne-Sophie: it all depends on the season we’re in!

Drink of choice: Matcha

Breakfast of choice:

Dannalize: Avo toast for the win!

Anne-Sophie: I micro-fast most of the time. So no breakfast here!

3 words you'd like people to use when describing you: 

Dannalize: Strong independent woman!

Anne-Sophie: Creative, creative, creative!

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