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Valentina used to work in big corporates, then did the bold move of switching fields and is now killing it as a PR consultant. But she’s also a successful businesswoman in her own right. In 2016 she co-founded the boho potato ( Those stylish laptop cases you see all the influencers running around Zurich with? Yes, Valentina is part of the duo that creates them.


We love Valentina’s drive. The saying “work hard play hard” That’s her all the way. She’s living her best life, never one to turn down a fun night out. She’s a go getter – a true Doyenne!


We spoke to Valentina about how the idea for the boho potato started and what it’s like running a successful start-up and what else she would like to achieve.

When did you first start putting the wheels into motion for your brand? How did you come up with the name?


 It all started when Leonie – my partner at the boho potato – and I went to the Apple store to get a new MacBook for her. We were looking for a nice laptop case, but couldn’t find anything we liked. We noticed there weren’t any stores that sold stylish laptop cases for reasonable prices and so the idea of the Boho Potato came up. 


We wanted a unique name that everyone would remember. We were inspired by Chiara Ferragni’s blog “the blonde salad”. When you hear it for the first time you’re like: Whaaat? But after a while you’re like huh, cool, such a funny and outstanding name. We chose “boho” cause we love the bohemian style and “potato” just sounded nice with it (side note: we literally went through every fruit and vegetable).

Your work ethic is incredible – you have a full-time job at a PR agency and you are running a successful start-up (and a very busy social life, editor’s note) how do you manage it all? 


It is indeed sometimes quite tough to have a full-time job and a start-up on the side. But in the end if you really want something and are passionate about it, you can do it. Of course, it is also a question of planning, prioritizing and sacrificing some of your free time. We do have our regular boho meetings and photoshoots, but we’re very flexible. If I’m super busy at work, my co-partner will take over for a while and vice-versa.  Since our business is online only, it’s quite easy to manage and we can work from any place. Also, we always schedule our Instagram posts which is super easy with the right apps.  


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how have you overcome it?


My biggest challenge in life was to find out who I am, where I want to be and what I want to achieve. I have travelled the world, studied abroad, worked for different companies and met inspiring people along the way. I’m very lucky to have amazing family and friends who’ve been incredibly supportive on my journey. New challenges will come, but I’m curious  and always open to new things and I take every day as it comes.


What’s one thing you’ve done in your career that helped you succeed, and that very few other people do? 


I would say my decision to change into a completely different industry after several years of working at a bank. It was not an easy step and I think not everyone would take the risk to change their job field completely but it was the best decision I made. Coming from the “corporate world”, where everything is structured, you work in big teams  and face strict requirements to the opposite, was a big change in the beginning. I remember on my first day at the bank, there was a big Welcome Day for 30 newbies and everything was already set up for me (my badge, my computer and my plan for the week). My first day at the agency was totally different. My boss asked me to come around 10.00 am, there was no onboarding process, we had a coffee and then I sat down and had to figure out everything on my own. I have grown so much from this experience and it’s shaped me and the way I look at things. 


What kind of advice would you give young women just getting started in the work field? 


Do what you love! It’s not always easy to find a job that you are passionate about. But I think it is so important to know what you like and what you are interested in. Then try to find out what kind of jobs are in this field or will help you to get there. You will be much more successful and happy if you do what you love.

Quick Questions

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favourite Quote: You only live once

Currently listening to: Djadja (Aya Nakamura)

How to unwind after a long day at work: With a glass of rosé

Favorite destination: New York 

Can't live without: Chocolate

Best piece of advice for success: Just do it!

First ever summer job: Walking dogs (with Sibylle 🤣)

Most used emojis: 🤣🙌🏽💫⚡💕

Finish this sentence "Money is: not everything."

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