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We met Bianca, also known as This Taurus Trying on Instagram, a little over a year ago, when it was still totally normal to go to a spin class and hugging after a sweat session. Things have changed, but what hasn't changed is Bianca's commitment towards fitness & active lifestyle. She works out all the time, but not in a weird way, this girl has figured out how to listen to her body and she is here to share her wisdom, favourite workouts and offers a little roadmap for everyone who wants to get started as well.

Read all about her journey (she wasn't always a fan of working out) and make sure to follow her on instagram to stay in the loop of things.

For our readers who don’t know you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and what got you here? 

Back in October 2016 i found myself in a place where I felt that I had to start living a healthier life and learn to become in-tune with my body that would directly affect how my mind would work. In short I had no real passions and anything remotely related to an active lifestyle was unknown to me. I decided to start small. Which led me to not do anything. So I hired a personal trainer with the hopes of getting strong and fit within weeks. Little did I know that building muscle and learning proper form takes years. My real journey really began in 2017 and I hated every minute of it. With tons of patience and endurance I slowly became accosted to working out in various forms and started to experiment with different types of trainings and workouts. This led me down a path of joyful discoveries. It meant I had to break out of my comfort zone and test different avenues and also learn with every step. Allowing yourself to really put yourself out there and test things you are A. not familiar with at all and B. are most definitely a total beginner, takes a lot of courage. But with this came a lot of insight and it allowed me to flourish in directions I never would have done if I would have hidden away with a personal trainer. I had to break out and find what is right for me. 2019 was the year in which being active became more of a passion than a gruesome undertaking. I remember when it clicked in my head that i actually love to try different types of trainings and learn new techniques and observe and feel what my body can do. 

This is also when I decided i wanted to share various activities with friends on my IG page. I figured I may not be the only person that has A. difficulty in navigating the fitness industry and B. fear of trying something unfamiliar to you. Currently I trust in what my mind and body wants to do. If I feel great doing it and I have the mind to muscle connection I know for this phase in my life it's the right approach. There are so many options on the market for anyone wishing to become a healthier and stronger version of themselves.

I love to give friends and others advice on anything related to the fitness industry. That's what makes me happy at the end of the day. If I can connect fellow people with a certain type of exercise, training, studio or coach then my job is complete

You launched TTT a little over a year ago. Why the name and when did you first start putting the wheels into motion for your business?


2019, with the vision to be the go to friend for anyone that has any inquiries about workouts and the fitness industry in general. In my free time I am currently doing two Teacher Training Programs on-line and in person for Barre with the hope that it will give me a better foundation of how to give people tips and tricks and also understanding the human autonomy. The journey continues and with it I grow and learn.

This Taurus Trying basically sums up my initial start to becoming active and the ongoing journey. I am open for anything and always curious to try new concepts.

What is something about TTT that people don’t know or that surprises them?


In my free time I watch a lot documentaries, interviews and panel talks on ASEAN countries, China and the Middle East. I’m a huge geopolitical fan. Especially in the current climate. Currently I also have privat Wing Chun classes (Kung Fu), Ballet, and have a vocal coach (I don't love my voice but it brings me into a flow state to practice singing).

What’s a mistake you see get made all the time, even by very smart people? What have you learned from that to handle it the right way? 


Form, Technique and consistency. Many do not stick to a workout split or type of training. Which in turn leads to not understanding proper form that ultimately leads you to train your muscles groups incorrectly and even lead to injury. Choose just one thing you enjoy and stick to it and get it right. That when the results really start to show and you get better.

Your work (-out) ethic is incredible – you have a full time in real estate and you are running everything from marketing to working out almost every single day over at TTT. How do you manage it all? Do you even sleep? :)


I take breaks. I go in phases. There are phases where I have my day job along with my hobbies and then try to keep my IG going. Other phases I can't time manage it all and my mind and body need a break from working out and staring at a social media app. I have started to slow down the workouts because it can fall into an obsession which leads to an addiction. Any addiction is counter productive. Since March last year I have started to listen to my body and I decide what is good for me on that day. 


What’s one thing you’ve done in your career that helped you succeed, and that very few other people do?


In Real Estate I learn every single day on the job which is mind blowing but also can humble you. I worked in the hotel sector for years before I entered the real estate industry there I learned to multi-task under extreme high pressure. This definitely shaped who I am today.

Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Favorite Quote: Don't be afraid to learn in front of other people. Vulnerability is an asset when it stops scaring you.

How to unwind after a long day at work: Watching documentaries

Fav Instagram account to follow? changes constantly currently loving: @wordsofvibrations and for laugh: @influencersinthewild

Most used emojis: 😂

Most overrated word: Lit and Fire

Ultimate happy fix: Dancing

Fav Workout Brand: Sport Les, Gymshark and Lululemon

Running or Cycling: Spinning

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