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When you hire Sinem on set for a job to do make-up, you won't only get an extremely talented and excellent make-up artist there, but also a hands-on, do-it-all, magic-fairy with an unparalleled eye for detail. She's the kindest human you'll ever meet and works her butt off. We spoke to Sinem all things brides (she mostly does bridal make-up), how she managed her way through the pandemic and who's make-up she's dying to do. Read on and make sure to follow her on the gram!

For our readers who don’t know you yet, tell us a little bit about yourself, in let’s say, 7 sentences.

Ever since I was a teenager, I've had unusual career aspirations: for example, I wanted to be a fashion designer, a flight attendant or an artist. But the school system deliberately separated me from my creative process and integrated me into a system that served others. So, as so many, I did an apprenticeship as a saleswoman and worked in a small store for about 10 years. After a handful of different jobs as animator, insurance clerk and barmaid, I finally decided to go for it and trained to become a make-up artist & hair stylist -my dream job. Since then I work in the event, fashion, music, TV, business & wedding industry - even artists & stars are among my clientele. It's like I'm not working, but creating, discovering and letting my creativity run wild. I love my job, traveling and the wonderful locations I get to visit over and over again (hello destination weddings!). I just look forward to every single experience every day!

You’re a true entrepreneur: You run your own business as a make-up artist. Did you always want to be self employed or where did that drive come from? How did you get started?


Yes, I always had the desire, but I did not immediately have the courage to do what I dreamed of for a long time. I think my siblings had a big influence on my independence, because they both did what they wanted to do and fulfilled their own dreams. Both had professions that are not common. One is an artist, you might know him as "Müslüm" and the other was an international basketball player. I was also lucky to have my fiancé, who always stood by me, supported me and gave me a lot of courage to pursue my business and believe in myself and my work. It took an enormous amount of courage to become self-employed, I had sleepless nights, almost no income and no security at all. Not for the faint of heart. It showed me that you can achieve anything you want to achieve. Get out of your comfort zone and into the adventure!

What is something about your work that people don’t know or that surprises them?


Thanks to my expertise, a few years ago I was able to help a Swiss cosmetics manufacturer develop new products, do make-up at events, and set up and manage the entire social media area. It was a very exciting challenge, educational and at the same time a great job. I was able to have a say in a lot of things and participate in many topics.

What has been your greatest challenge and how have you overcome it?


Definitely being a MUMPRENEUR. Being self-employed is a great way to balance family and career. In my job, however, I often get asked to do a job very last-minute, have long travel times and sometimes longer assignments that weren't planned. Every week I have different assignments and clients, and often the assignment times change from one day to the next, so flexibility and organization is key.  The nice thing is that I get to spend a lot of time with my son, which is very important to me personally. I often work by the hour, and then I can spend the rest of the day with my little one. Through my son, I have learned a lot about myself. For example, to live in the HERE and NOW, to lower my perfectionism or to not always have the urge to be everywhere.

Who’s make-up would you love to do one day? 

There are many people I would like to style. But the actress Sophia Loren comes to mind. A woman with class, style and an incredibly unique beauty.

You do a lot of wedding make-up. Since Covid hit, weddings had to be postponed. How are you keeping up and handling the situation?


That is true, but fortunately I also work in other areas. So I was still able to get some work. It's been a tough and challenging year for all of us, and also for my brides and grooms, as well as the entire event industry, who have been robbed of any anticipation of planning anything. Last year, about 70% of my wedding orders & events were postponed. Since I also cater to international weddings, it hit me and my clientele very hard. What helps me personally in this situation is my family and seeing the positive in life. To be grateful for what you have and what you are. And to appreciate the little things in life, because success and money come and go.

What’s a mistake you see get made all the time, even by very smart people? What have you learned from that to handle it the right way?


It always shocks me that there are still many prejudices today. Be it because of where you come from or the level of education. There was a time when the profession as a makeup & hair stylist was not respected and everyone always asked if I was doing it as a hobby or better yet asking me

"Do you even have a professional or academic degree?" The make-up artists on social media have changed a lot in recent years and there was a revolution in the beauty industry. Good thing, because the profession of makeup artist & hair stylists has gained tremendous popularity and the profession is finally being taken seriously. It's definitely easier for artists and entrepreneurs to become known and successful faster. This has also brought me personally more customers and contacts. You can achieve success virtually from one day to the next and exchange ideas or get inspired together on one platform. My conclusion: No matter what you do and what others say, follow your heart and go your own way.

What’s your beauty routine and what do you recommend everyone should do for perfect skin?

I always have new products that I test and therefore I try out a lot. Currently, I'm in love with the Obagi Vitamin C Serum. A must have!

For a nice radiant makeup I recommend a luminous makeup base, two different foundation shades (it gives a more natural and beautiful result), under the eyes some concealer, highlighter, blush and loose powder in the T zones and you'll look fresh!

Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Libra 

Favorite Quote: It is what it is!

If you could get on a plane right now, where would you go?: Cappadocia

Who would you bring along: My hubby and my son

Mornings or evenings? Evenings!

Drink of choice: Amaretto Sour

Breakfast of choice: Bialetti Coffee

3 words you'd like people to use when describing you: Creative, funny, emphathetic

Can't live without: My family, friends and of course Make-up
Most used emojis: 🥳😻

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