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We met Sabrina at renowned Agency Jung von Matt where she wowed clients with her ability to perfectly capture their product and create fun and emotional videos. After a couple of years with the agency, she decided to build her own brand, Kubo Motion, and is now working independently in and around Zurich. 


We love Sabrina's can-do mentality, her calm nature, her creative mind & her dog Milka. We talked to her about filmmaking, women in the creative industry and what her thoughts are on the gender pay gap.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up, what have been some milestones along the way and what are you currently doing? 


Happily, I was growing up as a farm girl in Germany where I had a lot of space to let my creativity and imagination flow freely. I’ve learned to be independent early on. After my Bachelor as a Communication Designer I gained experiences as an Art Director and Motion Designer in Berlin at a TV Channel and creative agencies. After four years I arrived in Zurich. I decided to get my own business started. Today, I love to tell stories frame by frame, always focusing on the customer's brand message.

A little over a year ago you quit your job and founded your own company Kubo Motion. Tell us a little bit about this. When did you start putting the wheels into motion? Has this always been a dream of yours?


Efficiency and effectiveness is important to me. Thanks to my independence, I am able to max out my power, while remaining true to myself and adapting my clients’ wishes.

For people who have no idea about filmmaking, tell us a little bit about your work. What does a typical project look like?


There are basics that should never be missing in a film or animation. Before getting started with a project, the most important thing is a strategy. This should be defined with the customer. Based on that, a concept/briefing will be developed. Only then you start to create the according storytelling. Feelings and emotions are essential for a proper communication. The best way to trigger feelings is through storytelling. Once everything is aligned, the production can be organized and executed. Finally, the project will be completed with the postproduction. This is the part which breathes life into the whole project.

What makes a great filmmaker in your opinion?


For me it is important to address the audience with a wealth of depth. The goal is to trigger feelings that make the audience act, empathise or rethink. In my opinion, there is no great filmmaker without a great team. One should never forget that it takes an entire group of great people with all kinds of talents to realise good film projects. 

How do you think women can push through and shine in this male-dominated industry?

I have had the experience that every time I free myself from my negative thoughts, I connect with a force that allows me to be in my power.

This carefree feeling automatically makes you shine and act courageously. 

In my life, this courage has always been rewarded. Many male dominated industries need to look at clichés and stereotypes more critically. There should be a general understanding and perspectives have to be reconsidered that women can do most jobs just as good as men.


The gender pay gap is a huge topic in Switzerland at the moment. Just because women don’t talk about money as much as men it doesn’t mean they don’t understand finances as well as their male counterparts. Yet it still feels like women are more uncomfortable around this topic. Why do you think that is?


Personally, I have developed a positive mindset on the financial issue. This alone made it easier for me to recognize my own worth and to be able to stand up for it. I think you should never see money as a threat. In addition, you should never be afraid of the bad mood of your superiors in salary negotiation situations. Just remind yourself: There are people less qualified than you, doing things you want to do, simply because they believe in themselves and take action.

When do you notice that you are really excited for a project and what are you currently burning for?


When a project is close to my heart, the ideas are just bubbling. In this case nothing feels like work and I dedicate myself to the project with pure passion. In communication, my heart beats for prevention campaigns and products that make a difference in people’s lives. I also have a pool of ideas on topics in product design, handcraft and farm life. These are all project ideas that combine design and film. I am currently combining freeride sports with design and film. Together with my partner, I create a brand that stands for heart, feeling and mind.

Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Best delivery restaurants in Zurich: Gartenhof 

Currently listening to: The loving people who see me with their hearts  

How to unwind after a long day at work: Outside in nature.

Can’t live without: My dog Milka. I love being a dog-mom.

Most used emojis: ☀️ 🙌 🍀

The best drink to order at a bar: Egg liquor. Will briefly remind you of a great woman 👵

Mornings or evenings? Mornings!
Finish this sentence "Women should be more: LEADERS. BE THE CEO YOUR PARENTS ALWAYS WANTED YOU TO MARRY!!

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