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We met Leila through Instagram last year and boy are we glad we did. After meeting her for a Matcha latte the first time at the Monocle Café we fell in love with her sweet personality immediately. At only 24 years old she is the Editor-in-Chief at online magazine femelle and has so many great ideas up her sleeve.


We love Leila’s drive, her strong opinions and her sense of humor. Here she shares her thoughts on cultural stigmas and taboos, what inspires her and how she unwinds after a long day at work.

Your work ethic is incredible – at only 24 years old you’re already the Editor-in-Chief at femelle. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got here.


Since i was very little, I always knew exactly who I was and what I wanted. I was incredibly stubborn and no one could ever change my mind – I feel sorry for my parents! So I really just followed my own rules. I dropped out of school and started doing my own thing, with literally nothing. I had to justify myself a lot. But that made me fight even more. I never stopped believing in myself and worked my ass off every single day, until I was in a place where I could feel proud and right.

How is Covid-19 affecting your daily business, what has changed and how are you dealing with it?


First of all; team-femelle is actually in a quite lucky position. Of course the distance makes the Communication much more difficult but it‘s no problem for us to work from home. Plus: our reader numbers are constantly growing, because everyone seems to be online 24/7! Nevertheless; can‘t wait to see my team again and to go on real meetings with inspiring people. This whole zoom and facetime thing is like the worst for me – my staythefuckhome-look is just not made to be seen 😝 

Every day, hundreds of people read your articles on femelle. Where do you find inspiration to feed your followers great content?


One thing I love most about my job, is that I get to meet a lot of very inspiring people. Every single day I get so many ideas just through talking to amazing humanbeings and discussing all different kind of things. Also I try to ask myself what kind of topics are still not discussed enough. It’s really hard to find unique content nowadays. Everyone’s hunting for clicks and we have a lot  of little copycats running around. So I really try to make up some new stuff. Morevover I like to ask my freelancer to write about topics that are on their mind at the moment. That makes the best articles – I swear!;)

What is something you find extremely challenging in your work field? What is very rewarding?


I get a lot of bad blood and have to take a lot of sh*t. There’s a huge competition going on. Especially between women – women who write about Womenempowerment and Girlpower. When it comes to real life a lot of girls in my work field have some problems with being happy for someone else, who’s going places.

On the other side it’s a very colorful and creative work field. There’s a lot of diversity and openminded people, with great ideas and visions.

The gender pay gap is a huge topic in Switzerland at the moment. Just because women don’t talk about money as much as men doesn’t mean they don’t understand finances as well as their male counterparts. Yet it still feels like women are more uncomfortable around this topic. Why do you think that is?


That’s actually a question I ask myself a lot. When I talk to my Girlfriends about their salary most of them are not really open about it or say things like: «I mean I don’t really need more» or «I want to have kids in a couple of years anyways so I guess it’s okay». That really shocks me. I feel like the biggest problem is, that women don’t really know their worth in the business-world and always think that their Carreer is limited in time. A lot of modern women still have a very old-school mindset when it comes to money. So do men actually, when it comes to their salary. A lot of them still feel the pressure to feed a family on their own, which makes them ask for what they deserve or even more.

What’s a mistake you see get made all the time, even by very smart people? What have you learned from that to handle it the right way?


Everyone tries to fit in. Especially in Switzerland we have a lot of pressure and a very manifested idea of how something or someone has to be and what real success means; a great education and a lot of money. I never really cared about this. I made up my own idea of success and that has a lot to do with happiness, realness, braveness and selflove.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


I try to be very present. You never know, maybe I get hit by a tram tomorrow. So to be honest; I have no idea and I don’t think I have to know – but I will let you know in 10 years. 😉 


Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Currently listening to: Pomme and Haftbefehl

Best restaurants in Zurich: Le Rendez-Vous, Chez Marion and Metropol.

How to unwind after a long day at work: Meditation and wine

The perfect day would be like this: Chatting with my favorite people over good food and even better wine

Can’t live without: Positive Vibes

Most used emojis: 💙✨💯

Most overrated word: Education
Finish this sentence "Women should be more: like god."

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