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Julia used to work as a PR consultant and content strategist at one of the most renowned ad agencies before she decided to follow one of her long-time desires: an acting course in Berlin. While improving her presentation skills, she was offered several freelance jobs. So naturally, when she returned to Zurich, all balanced and satisfied, she knew she wanted to keep on working as a freelance writer and conceptioner.


We love Julia’s energy. She’s that effortlessly cool girl. She’s smart and witty and has a heart of gold - a real gal pal. She seems to always be content, my friend (pun intended, just check her website). 


Here she shares the highlights and challenges she’s faced along her journey, how she overcame them and what kind of advice she’d give fellow women just getting started in the freelance world.

About a year ago, you decided to become a freelancer. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how have you overcome it?


Working on my own, I see the biggest challenge in setting realistic goals, pushing myself to reach them on a daily basis and ultimately finding confidence in what I do. It’s probably an on-going process – but keeping track of all my achievements and talking to family, friends and people in the business definitely helps when insecurities creep in.

What’s one thing you’ve done in your career that helped you succeed, and that very few other people do?


I’m surely not the only person doing that. But I’d like to think that great opportunities come your way if only you let them. It’s that balance between confidence and courage which, combined with hard work and a great enthusiasm for meeting new and interesting people, helped me get a more relaxed approach on my personal development and consequently made me reach for interesting opportunities outside my comfort zone.

How do you think women can push thru and shine in this male-dominated industry? 


By wearing cute dresses. Kidding. From what I see, we mainly need to work on our self-esteem and confidence to be heard and seen. The confidence to reach for what we want and deserve. The confidence to stay true to ourselves and speak up for ourselves and others if necessary. And the confidence to support other women and men who are shining their light alongside us. After all, in a «whatever-dominated» industry empowerment is key. 

What kind of advice would you give young women just getting started in the freelance work field?


Have courage, have faith, have fun. 

What’s a mistake you see get made all the time, even by very smart people? What have you learned from that to handle it the right way?


We’re living in a time and place where social pressure is high and the expectations we have of ourselves are even higher. So when sh*t’s hitting the fan real hard, a lot of professionals tend to neglect their own well-being and instead, build up even more pressure. In recent years I have realized that this is the moment (for me) to do the exact opposite: to step back and literally make room for boredom. 

Sounds chill, no? Mmmm-hmm, but that’s when self-reflection kicks in and you start putting «stressful things» into perspective. It’s a state in which new ideas start to grow. Ideas that can ultimately help you achieve your goals more efficiently and more chilled.


Quick Questions

Zodiac sign: Libra

Favorite quote: I have dozens, but I find Immanuel Kant quite fitting: «Ich kann, weil ich will, was ich muss.»

Currently listening to: «Eine Stunde Talk» and Burna Boy. Issa match!

Go-to work wardrobe: The classic: High-waisted blue jeans, a white T, golden earrings and nice sneakers or leather loafers.

How to unwind after a long day at work: If a Burrata dinner isn’t enough, Yoga with Adriene’s Deep Stretch on YouTube will sure work wonders ⚡

Favorite place to be: Floating in the Limmat or sipping Rosé by the lake in summer. Reading in my bed during winter.

Can’t live without: Air and Tantanmen.

Most used emojis: ♥ 🙌 

First ever summer job: Cloakroom service at Club Plaza.
Finish this sentence "Money is: ruling everything around the Wu Tang Clan."

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