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I am #engadinized

There’s truly no place for relaxing that is better than the region of lower Engadin in the canton of Grisons. The problem: One of the most important target groups, DINKS between 25 and 45, were not aware of this gorgeous little gem hidden in Switzerland.


We changed that with our campaign «I’m #engadinized».

We selected three professional Influencers and traveled to the dreamy little villages up in the mountains. There, we went down gorgeous white slopes, enjoyed the fresh mountain air and got to discover the local water source in Bogn Engiadina. Out of these experiences, we created social ads with matching copies that were shared on Instagram and inspired followers to discover the area themselves.


Agency: Jung von Matt

It worked

500’000 users reached

2 Mio Ad impressions

338’000 Interactions

2’600 #engadinized tags

The Hashtag is now used throughout the region

+200% Instagram Followers

+6% gain in advertising recall

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