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Stop Motion & Photography 


Food & Beverage


TV, Social Media, Online & Print

So delightful, so Provençe, so Cantadou

In Switzerland everyone knows Cantadou. And by everyone we mean our parents and their friends. So the challenge was to make the brand more attractive to a younger audience. 

So with entertaining actors and fun stop-motion food styling, we created videos to show off Cantadou's provence-style, indulgent taste and joyous gatherings.


The videos were broadcast on TV and shared across social media. 

The Provence is located in the southeast of France. The region is famous for its gastronomy, its enchanting landscapes, colours, scents and also for the beautiful markets where culinary specialities are in abundance. So it's true: in Provence everything revolves around gastronomy! The people are social, kind, like to share, value tradition and appreciate the beauty of simple things. This is exactly what Cantadou stands for and wanted us to translate in our videos and photography.

Thank you to all our amazing actor friends for participating.

Dimi, Nina, Mariama, Vida, Ludina, Ludo, Barbara, Leon, Meret, Liv & Ann

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